Team development for Sitecore and training

Inmento Solutions is a certified training partner and reseller of Hedgehog Developments Team Development of Sitecore (TDS). TDS is a Visual Studio plugin that helps your development team be more efficient when developing Sitecore solutions and allows easy deployment and continuous integration possibilities. Inmento Solutions provides training in the usages of the product and helps you get it setup and running.

When developing Sitecore solution you operate on different parts including code, Sitecore database and configuration. It can be hard to set this up, so your team will work efficiently and collaborate well. Hedgehog Development delivers a Visual Studio plugin that enables this easily and gives you a shortcut to continuous integration, Sitecore item versioning and tracking, deployment procedures etc. You can read more about Team Development for Sitecore here.

Inmento Solutions is a training partner of Hedgehog and an official reseller of Team Development of Sitecore. We help you get started with the product and ensure you use the full potential of the possibilities it provide. Further we can help you set up your development environment and methodology so your team can be more efficient.

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