Sitecore training

Inmento Solutions believe that one of the most important factors of achieving success in a Sitecore project, is having the right competencies in your development team. In Inmento we have some of the most experienced Sitecore developers and we offer to train your developers in basic Sitecore skills as well as sharing our best practices and skills from enterprise solutions.

It is quite easy getting started with Sitecore, but when building robust and maintainable enterprise solutions, it requires experience and a developed methodology to develop a solid solution. Therefore you should ensure your development team has the right set of skills and competencies to drive your Sitecore project to success. Inmento Solutions provide tailored training sessions matching your exact needs, no matter what the goals of your Sitecore project is.

The consultants at Inmento Solutions have many years of experience with developing high end Sitecore solutions and offer to share their knowledge and best practices. Besides actual training we already share some of experiences on the Sitecore Learning portal, where our employees write in depth articles about the technical aspects of Sitecore CMS, DMS and other modules.

Besides this written documentation we provide actual training sessions, where the process is more interactive and where you can decide what the training should focus on. A training session should always be tailored to your needs, but could include some of the following topics:

  • Best practices from real scenarios and projects
  • Sitecore server and infrastructure
  • Component based architecture in Sitecore
  • Debugging and performance tuning Sitecore solutions
  • Data retrieval techniques and indexing in Sitecore with Lucene
  • Development for Sitecore Unified Page Editor
  • Experiences and best practices with Sitecore OMS / DMS

Besides these topics the training session will focus on your specific and real-life project and a part of the session could be to blueprint the architecture of your solution.

A training session would normally take 2-3 days.

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