Professional Services on Sitecore

If you need sparring or advice when it comes to Sitecore, Inmento Solutions is the natural choice. Our consultants have many years of experience building enterprise solutions in Sitecore CMS and we can help you get your Sitecore project on the right track – no matter if you are in project initiation and need help outlining the architecture or if you are simply experiencing stability or performance issues with your running website.

When it comes to professional services in the world of Sitecore we normally operate within one of the following tree services, which we provide throughout the world:

  • Sitecore Solution review: Do you have doubts whether you are on the right track with your Sitecore solution? Do you need sparring in the architectural blueprints of a Sitecore solution you are going to take live? Let Inmento Solutions do a complete review of your solution, and we will deliver a report on the quality and potential issues you may experience. We provide a prioritized list of improvements you can implement to increase the potential of your Sitecore investment.
  • Performance and stability issues: If you are experiencing issues with your running website, our extremely experienced Sitecore consultants can help you pinpoint the issues and suggests solutions that will increase performance or stabilize your solution.
  • Advice and sparring on development methodology and architecture: Do you lack experience in building enterprise solutions in Sitecore or do you just feel safe if an experienced set of eyes validate your ideas? We can provide guidance and suggestions that will increase the potential of your Sitecore solution.

What is a Sitecore Solution Review?

A solution review should be a natural step in all web projects. No matter who have developed your solution, you should have experienced professionals run through your project and review the quality and technical decisions, as the earlier you discover potential issues, the cheaper it is to handle.

A solution review is fitted to your specific solution and may vary in focus points, so that the largest risks in your project are analyzed. We start out with a kick off meeting with you, so that we can agree on a set of focus areas you want to prioritize. We then review your solution based on logs, code and Sitecore template and content structure and end the service by a final meeting, where we present the findings we delivered in the report.

Performance optimization and debugging

Our consultants have many years of experience with performance issue tracking and debugging in Sitecore solutions. You can purchase this service on an hourly basis and you decide whether we should just identify the issues or help you solve them.

Amongst other we can help you with:

  • Optimization of performance issues in the backend as well as the frontend
  • Finding bottlenecks in your solution and helping you solve anything that might slow down your site
  • Identify issues with publishing and caching
  • Identify reasons of instability in your solution

Advice and sparring

If you are in the midst of starting a new project or if you want to validate your architecture and technical decision, we can help with experienced consulting services which ensure your project gets on the right track.

Amongst other we offer the following services:

  • Define and outline the architecture on your Sitecore project.
  • Setup a development environment
  • Help set your development methodology
  • Advice on the different modules and products Sitecore delivers
  • Assist in server infrastructure and Sitecore server configuration
  • Advice and discuss best practices

If you are interested in one of these services or want to know more, please contact us at