Inmento delivers solution review to recently experienced some issues with their Sitecore solution and wanted professional sparring on how to progress and improve their solution. Therefore Seeatre asked Inmento to deliver a solution review. had through a period of time experienced some issues with their Sitecore solution and did not know how they should approach the issues. Therefore Inmento analyzed the solution and delivered a report highlighting the main issues and suggests how to approach these as best as possible, so that Seeatre can get their solution back on track.

The report was minded on the issues that Seeatre experienced and based on the analysis, the report suggested how these should be handled, which Seeatre can use with any given partner.

The employees of Inmento Solutions have many years of experience with large and complex Sitecore solutions. If you are interested in a solution review or in general want to know more about our Professional Services, please read more here or contact us by email at