Inmento delivers solution review for MT Højgaard

MT Højgaard has a large and complex multisite solution based on Sitecore and they wanted advice about quality and business processes involved in managing such a platform. Therefore they asked Inmento Solutions to deliver a solution review and sparring on their solution.
MT Højgaard is one of the leading construction and civil engineering companies in the Nordic countries and they have based their multisite web solution on Sitecore. They have planned to push their sites onto the new platform. Therefore MT Højgaard felt it was necessary to review the quality of the solution, so it will support their strategy for future development. Further they needed sparring on the business processes involved in governing such a vast platform.

Inmento Solutions has delivered a report, which reviews the solution from an implementation and architectural viewpoint. This has given MT Højgaard an overview of the quality and has helped them focus their energy on the challenges and bottlenecks, which require work to support their strategy. MT Højgaard can use the report with any partner they want and improve the platform based on the suggestions from the report.

Inmento Solutions also delivered sparring on management and governance of a multisite solution.

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