About us

Inmento Solutions was founded in April 2011 by Jimmi Lyhne Andersen and Jens Mikkelsen – both have many years of experience with Sitecore and founded the company with a vision of helping clients safely through large and complex solutions based on Sitecore CMS.

In Inmento Solutions we believe in an iterative process, where you as a client always participate in every step, so that you can make the right business decisions with the guidance and advice from us on technical aspects. Through the iterative process we believe, that you can gain the biggest advantages from your web solution and it enables you to incrementally adapting your organization to the new possibilities you gain from the latest technologies.

We believe that information technology is headed towards a more individual experience, where every website is adapted to the individual viewing it. Sitecore is a great platform for this enabling you to draw full advantage of personalization, context aware functionality, webanalytics and optimization etc. However all the new possibilities can be a large mouthful to consume at once, and therefore we believe that the iterative process can help you take it in one piece at a time, allowing both your organization and your employees to adapt. We are experts in helping you in this process and advising you on the technical possibilities.


Inmento Solutions are dedicated to the platform Sitecore CMS and think it is best in market. Therefore we specialize all our knowledge in this area. With additional products delivered by Sitecore – like Sitecore DMS, Sitecore Email Campaign Manager – we think that Sitecore is perfect for consolidating all your web activities onto one platform. We can help you get started with these technologies and guide you safely through the process of any web solution you want to build.